4 Ways to Generate Negative Ions

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Negative ions benefits us physically and mentally. It is the energy you feel during and after a rainstorm, on the beach, or in a forrest. Although it does not compare to being out in nature, and may pale in comparison, here are 4 ways to bring this awesome effect of nature inside:

1. Showering

Much like the effect of waterfalls and surf, the water movement creates negative ions which get absorbed through your skin or through breathing.

2. Himalayan Salt Lamps

When the salt is heated by the incandescent bulb, it evaporates the water absorbed by the salt (which naturally attracts water molecules in the air), generating negative ions in that process.

3. Indoor Waterfall/Fountain

The effects of these water features in the home probably pale in comparison of natural waterfalls, but the concept is still the same. The moving water helps to generate negative ions.

4. Negative Ion Generators

These are available to install within HVAC systems or for personal use, cleaning the air without the use of ozone.

There are more benefits of negative ions than just a positive feeling. Click here to learn more about the benefits.

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