Welcome To Rivirs

RIVIRS was created for those people who are looking for ways to take care of themselves in better ways but can’t seem to find enough energy, time or resources. Whether you are a therapist battling compassion fatigue, a working parent with a crazy commute who barely sees your own children, or someone who has anxiety, we are hoping to provide you with inspiration to take time, one minute at a time, for you to be a better, more confident, more peaceful and grounded, YOU.

Our articles and videos are designed to take about a minute at a time, knowing that your time is valuable. If an article or video does not resonate with you, we encourage you to move on to the next one. If you find something that does resonate with you, fantastic! We’ve designed the website to continue to expand into a topic only if you choose to. We know that everyone has different needs and we want to honor that.

Thank you for visiting our website. We wish you joy and love.

Emily Todd (founder of Rivirs)