How to Create a Meditation Space

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You don’t really need much to meditate, but Krista Lea of Halfmoon Meditation recommends creating a space within your home that
is clean, organized, surrounding yourself with things that are soothing and comfortable. The more you meditate in the same area, the more it becomes charged and the easier it will become to meditate. It can be a whole room devoted to your practice, just a corner of a room, or even a space outside. Just like a bedroom is for sleeping, a kitchen is for cooking, a bathroom is for bathing and toileting, your meditation space is for meditation. Start off by creating an intention for the space.

Here are the Top 10 items we recommend to create the perfect Meditation Space:

1. Zafu Cushion

The buckwheat in this floor pillow helps align your pelvis during meditation to prevent fatigue and extra pressure on the spine. (If you are not comfortable sitting on the floor, you can sit also in a chair with your legs uncrossed and feet on the floor.)

2. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Although it is recommended to have natural light in your meditation space, this lamp produces more than just light. The heat from the light bulb warms the salt to produce negative ions, cleansing the atmosphere of your meditation area and creating a calming environment.

3. Selenite (or other crystals)

Surround yourself with crystals that will help you with your meditation intention. Read about the benefits of selenite here.

4. Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffuse grounding or healing essential oils to help with the meditation process. We recommend essential oil diffusers over burning candles or incense as many people are sensitive to smoke.

5. Essential Oil

We recommend using essential oils that are higher in quality. Frankincense is a versatile essential oil good for meditation as it is believed to be grounding for the body and supportive of the spirit.

6. Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowls aid in aligning energy and bringing brain waves into the Theta state quicker for deep meditation.

7. Water Fountain

Water fountains can provide peaceful ambient sound as well as cleaning the atmosphere with negative ions.

8. Plants

Plants bring the element of nature into your space. Lucky bamboo, succulents or other indoor houseplants add a touch of green without over whelming the space with too much color. If picking out a flowering plant, make sure it is not too distracting.

9. Mala Beads

These strands of beads are used to keep track of mantras during meditation.

10. Serene Pictures

Having a picture of nature or a quote will hep with focusing on intentions.

(Bonus)11. App for your Phone

Krista recommends apps you can download on your phone for guided mediations which are very

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