The Benefits of Negative Ions

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Living in Southern California for most of my life, I have always been drawn to the beach. There is a certain energy I feel there that I don’t feel anywhere else. I feel calm and connected to the Universe the most when I’m walking on the wet sand, listening to the waves crash, and feeling the ocean breeze on my face. Of course just being around the Pacific Ocean and all its magnificence is going to make people feel connected spiritually. Smelling the salt air and enjoying the feeling of sand between one’s toes can be a sensational delight. What I later discovered was that the energy I was drawn to also had to do with negative ions that were generated by the crashing surf.

Negative ions are molecules such as oxygen with an extra charge. Negative ions are a good thing despite its misleading nomenclature, whereas positive ions are not good for health.

Positive ions are generated by products of modern technology such as electronic devices, toxic synthetic fabrics and plastics, air conditioning, and industrial byproducts causing air pollution.

Negative ions are produced in nature such as the feeling of the atmosphere following a thunderstorm, being in the woods, especially near a running stream or waterfall, or at the beach. Negative ions have positive effects on our mental and physical wellbeing.

 Benefits of negative ions:

-Neutralizes free radicals.

-Helps you breathe better by neutralizing pathogens and allergens in the air.

-Helps you breathe better by increasing the efficiency of the cilia in your respiratory system.

-Increases the flow of oxygen to the brain to increase alertness.

-Acts as a natural antidepressant by normalizing serotonin levels.

-Increases circadian rhythm for better sleep.

-Reduces anxiety.

-Reduces blood pressure.

-Improves digestion.


It is possible to bring the benefits of negative ions into the home where positive ions may be rampant. Click here to see how you can create the negative ion effect in your home (or office).

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