The Benefits of Selenite

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Selenite is very popular for creating a cleaner psychic space, raising vibrations, and removing negative energy from the space. It is believed to clean auras and be helpful in energy work and meditation practices by stabilizing emotions and fostering calmness. Some people use it for its healing abilities to reduce pain and energy blockages. It is also believed that it does not need to be cleansed or charged as it is a metaphysical crystal that is used to cleanse other crystals.

Suggestions for use:

Put a piece of selenite over your doorway to clear the energy of anyone coming into your home (or leaving).

Keep a piece of selenite in the bedroom to aid in restful sleep. Some advise in putting a piece in each corner of the room to create a more peaceful space to sleep.

Holding selenite while meditating can aid in connecting with your spiritual self.

Selenite Lamps are a beautiful way to incorporate selenite in your home. It works better with LED lights as heat from an incandescent bulb will deteriorate the crystal. I keep one on my desk to help me clear my workspace of negativity and anything that does not help me. I had to insert some tissue paper around the led light, otherwise it was too bright.

Caring for Selenite:

Water will also break down the crystal so if the selenite gets dirty, dust the lamp lightly. Keep them away from essential oil diffusers or any source of moisture. Especially, do not place in water to make elixirs. (See our article on crystal charged water.)

Although it is thought that selenite does not need to be charged, some people will place their selenite in full moon light to renew the their selenite.


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